There are two major reasons why bone grafting might be necessary. Periodontitis (gum disease) destroys the bone around a person’s teeth, and sometimes a bone graft can be used to help rebuild that bone so the tooth is not lost.

Additionally, bone grafts are often required when you have lost a tooth and need to have a dental implant in order to replace it. The teeth stimulate the jawbone, so if you have lost one or more teeth, your jawbone will start to deteriorate. As time goes by, you may experience enough bone loss that dental implants won’t hold. If this is the case, Dr. French may recommend bone grafting.

By performing bone grafting, Dr. French replaces the missing bone in your jaw. If you are in need of bone grafting, Dr. French will first create a treatment plan personalized for you and your particular situation, and she will explain to you about the different types of bone grafting that are options for you. If you have questions about bone grafting procedures, please call (775) 322-5122 today to make an appointment with Dr. French.