LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, and it is a revolutionary treatment of periodontitis that Dr. French is proud to offer. With LANAP, Dr. French utilizes a special, FDA-approved dental laser to treat your disease. With a laser fiber that is approximately the width of 3 human hairs, Dr. French gently removes diseased tissue from the lining of your gum pockets, and then thoroughly cleans the root surfaces with ultrasonic instruments.

She then uses the laser to stimulate bone and tissue in the affected area, helping to bring out stem cells from the area, and create a stable blood clot around the teeth, both of which are essential to the healing process. Your bite is adjusted to lessen any negative forces on the teeth as they heal, and a bite guard is made in your general dentist’s office. After several months of healing, Dr. French re-evaluates the teeth and gums, and often, significant bone re-growth is observed, along with gum tissue that is tightly attached to the tooth, eliminating the pockets that were previously present. Not only does the procedure give great results, but the recovery time is almost nothing!

Before & After